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Chai Hard - Coffee/Tea

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  • Your Chai Wallah's Arch Nemesis

    In the epic masterpiece A Tale of Two Chais, Chai Hard would be the villain. Team Volturi, anyone? This intensely dirty chai is unlike any other; from it's dark notes of hand crushed coffee bean to the sweet undertones of Chinese Keemun and Indonesian Java White Tips. With a kick of spicy ginger and fiery notes of bird's eye chili. Everybody loves a bad boy. 

    *Pairs well with Fireball Whisky.

    HEALTH BENEFITS: It will help nuke that motherf***er of a cold's ass, and get you through flu season unscathed.

- T-We Tea


  • Coffee/Tea Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    1.5 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 3-5 minutes

    Coffee notes strengthen the longer you brew