Chai Me - Herbal Tisane

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The Chai Wallah Who Wins Your Heart

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Can't make up your mind? Don't you worry, because we give you a third option: "Team Alice". This herbal chai is a gentle delight that you can drink at any time of the day. From fruity notes of green rooibos to the wintery heather flowers, Chai Me will be the serene beauty to win your heart.

- T-We Tea


  • Herbal Tisane Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    2 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 5+ minutes

    Try re-steeping your leaves

  • Spike Brew Chai Me as you would normally brew it (hot or cold).
    Buy Midnight Moon's Apple Pie Moonshine.
    Add the Apple Pie Moonshine.
    (Keir portion is half and half, Cpher recommends a bit less of the moonshine.)
    For extra T-WE flair, add an stick of cinnamon and/or give your glass a Cinnamon Sugar rim job.