Thanks for supporting the arts and small biz this summer!

Help me bring Animal Instincts to the next level!



Help me take my small business to the next level in Northampton MA!

My name is Jamai Lowell and I've been the owner of my small business Animal Instincts Apparel for 13 years now. I started my business in San Francisco 2010 and during the pandemic I made the big move to Northampton MA in 2020. 

Art has always been the focal point of my business, designing a variety of different products using my illustrations. With your support this project will enhance my techniques and store front, bringing it to a whole new level. I will be using funds to purchase my very own heat press for making my shirt designs right in the back of the store. Additionally, an embroidery machine that will allow me to diversify my product line and offer embroidered products that can be created right here as well. 

This setup will also open the door to more custom work for other artists in the area. I've always dreamed of having a shop where you can see all the products getting made while you shop around. Another part of the funds will be used towards updating my shop street facing sign. I worked with a branding consultant last year and we agreed I could use an update to make it more eye catching. I will also be changing the shop name to Animal Instincts to help my tie my branding in together.

With your generous help, this will bring me one huge step closer!


Expanding my shop and setting up the print and embroidery station!


These funds will be used for the following :

  • A transfer press so I can start pressing a portion of my own shirt designs right in the back of the shop. This will help cut my costs on my screen printed designs and open the door to custom jobs. Also, a potential to open up for community events where I can incorporate custom printing.
  • The embroidery machine will help me diversify my product line by offering embroidered designs on new products I can carry at the shop and sell online. This will also offer me the potential of taking in more custom jobs and limited edition style products as well.  I've always had the idea of adding a embroidered touch to some of my prints but it just never made sense cost wise,  without having my own machine.
  • The shop sign update is important to my branding. I worked with a brand consultant in 2022 and we talked about updating my store signage to be more engaging, helping to It draw people in and visit my store when walking by. I have a great location , visible when passing through downtown Northampton.  I'd really like to take full advantage of  its' potential.    
  • The product photo booth is to help me take professional product photos for my website and marketing. This should really help me grow my online and marketing presence. 
  • The crafting table, chair and drawers will be key to keeping everything organized and make my work space functional. I like the idea of having it all setup in back of shop. Customers will be able to see me in action, making products in the back of the shop.

Funding this campaign will help me purchase the following items below:

  • Automatic Heat Press with accessories for printing tags, onesies and stand.
  • Embroidery Machine ( Babylock Alliance Embroidery Machine)
  • Updating my shop street facing sign and new sandwich board
  • Photo booth station for product shots
  • Craft table with chair and drawers

This project will take my business to the next level!

This is how you can help!

Your support will greatly impact the growth of my business and help me continue my passion for this small business and the arts. You can offer support through any of the donation options or packages we've set up. Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way with the 2:1 match from the grant program.  And spreading the word , sharing this campaign,  will be most awesome!


Thank you all so much. My business would not be here without your support!

 If you prefer to help offline by cash or check please make/drop mail donations to Animal Instincts Apparel at 204 Main Street Northampton MA 01060.




If you have questions or inquiries please contact Jamai Lowell at or #415-345-8616

Or visit our website at is also always a great way to support!