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About Us

Animal Instincts: 

We make awesome, comfy clothes for the whole family. We know life with kids is never boring — why should children’s clothing be? Our animal print designs make getting dressed fun, simple, and fast. Even for toddlers. More time to explore this wild world together! Our sizes fit all the creatures in your animal kingdom and are one-of-a-kind to express everyone’s individuality.

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Jamai Lowell founded Animal Instincts in 2008 to create art and apparel that makes people smile. As the son of an art teacher, he’s been drawing since he could hold a crayon. Jamai is now a dad to two daughters and loves helping them express themselves. 

Fusing street art, modern abstract, illustration — and animals doing zany things — all of Jamai’s designs are from his original pencil sketches. The brand has become known for iconic images of animals overtaking popular landmarks like the image of Golden Gate Bridge. Jamai is a firm believer that anything can happen. His optimism and whimsy shines through his art. Animal Instincts Apparel is carried in outlets across California and Massachusetts.


Jamai Lowell holding one of his daughters, both wearing one of our dad and baby matching outfits.


Animal Instincts Apparel
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Just send us email at and would love to chat and see if our products are a good fit for your store.