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My big Northampton drawing is done!

It’s done! This one felt like 4 marathons in a row. Really happy to have followed through with finishing it. Really a pleasure to dive into the history and architecture of Northampton Massachusetts.
Thanks to all patient clients waiting for commissions this year. I’m getting back into full swing with those now and excited to draw your home! Or your #homesawayfromhomes 🥳☕️✍🏼
Prints of Northampton Coffee Walks are now available for preorder and I will have them in shop by mid October.

This piece is inspired by Northampton architecture and history. I incorporated local institutions such as Herrell's Ice cream, Academy of Music. And local icons that either lived here or went to college here like Gloria Steinem, Kurt Vonnegut and Julia Child. Although I didn't get everything Northampton I added whatever I could to capture the essence of the city.


 Here's a closer look at some the iconic people and places I included.