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San Francisco Cap Hat

San Francisco Cap Hat

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Maps are magnets for travelers and adventurous people. We created this vintage map hat in the hope of connecting travelers while on the road or at home. Featuring the city of San Francisco, this map hat is built to inspire conversations.  

The San Francisco Map Hat is the perfect accessory for those wishing to carry around the chill SF vibe. In a vintage style map, the black and white print is easy to see, detailed and precise and will strike up conversations wherever you go. 

Know someone who loves SF? The San Francisco map hat makes the perfect gift for a traveler, adventurous spirit or wanderer who fell in love with The Golden City. 


  • The entirety of Golden Gate Park on the top panel
  • 6 panels that feature the different neighborhoods and areas of San Francisco
  • Maroon brim makes black and white map print pop 
  • Interesting details that you can explore for hours 

Our mission at Landmass is to encourage travel and build connections that can span across the globe. Our map hats spark storytelling about travel and adventure - these are the conversations and connections that we're most proud of.