Butterfly - Monarch Beauty

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COMMON NAME: Monarch Butterfly
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Danaus plexippus
LOCALITY: Central & North America
FRAME SIZE:  6″ x 6″ x 1.25″

The Monarch butterfly possesses a unique ability to endure long-distance migrations from Mexico to Canada.  Monarchs advertise their poisonous nature with their bright colors and sequester a toxic defense from milkweed their larva (caterpillars) consumes.

The rich colors of the wings will make a seductive accent to your existing home decor. The frame also includes a description of the Monarch’s natural history, making it a great conversation starter.

Also available displaying a male and female and as jewelry

You can learn more about Monarch Butterfly natural history here.

What sets our frames up from the rest?
• 99% UV blocking conservation glass so colors won’t fade.*
• Acid & lignin-free conservation mounting papers.
• Gallery quality wood shadowbox frame with hanger
• Natural history information on antique-style museum label.
• Gift box & tissue paper.
• Hand-assembled in our Sonoma County California BUG studio.
* Highest-rated real framed insect displays in the world.

* Most competitors frame their insect displays with just basic picture frame glass which does not protect the vivid colors and details from UV rays.  We use 99% UV blocking TRU VUE conservation glass, the same used in fine museums around the world.