Fine Art Submarine Victorian Print

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Submarine Victorian print is signed by artist Jamai Lowell and high quality printed on heavy weight paper just like the original was drawn on. The Original was done with coffee, watercolor and pen. 

This drawing was inspired by a few things. Originally I was noticing that the sunset architecture reminded me of a submarine. Then throughout this pandemic I’ve spent a lot of time walking around sunset neighborhoods seeing all the differently painted houses and robust succulents. I also spent a lot of time during shelter in place doing a 1000 piece Gustav Klimpt puzzle which was huge impact on this piece because I realized when doing it Gustav Klimpt did an incredible job incorporating just enough variety and color into his piece The Kiss to keep the puzzle hard yet doable.

It comes in both:

12" x 16" Standard framing size 

22" X 28" Standard framing size (Only making 100)